Time to let the experts speak Donald

There is no doubt that Donald Trump is an intelligent man but the coronavirus could prove to be his political downfall. While few would criticise his initial optimism regarding the fight against the coronavirus, he does need to let reality speak. The criticism of the president is growing by the day and his strategy of literally digging in his heels is antagonising voters even more. So, what should Donald Trump do?

Let the experts speak Donald!

Those who follow Donald Trump’s tweets will be well aware that he has flip-flopped between non-action and over action with regards to the coronavirus. He has criticised experts, shot down his political opponents and to all intents and purposes moved himself into political isolation. Indeed there was speculation that he was becoming obsessed with plans to intentionally infect him with the coronavirus. This did not go down well with voters…..

Confidence breeds confidence, but….

We know that investors look to politicians and governments for confidence and direction with regards to economies. The ongoing fiscal stimulus from the Federal Reserve is certainly at odds with Donald Trump’s initial understanding of the situation. We are now at a crossroads where further fiscal programs are literally being undermined immediately with criticism from the president. This concern and confusion, with these two huge parties not singing from the same hymn sheet, is reflected in recent stock-market volatility.

We know that confidence breeds confidence but uncertainty breeds yet more uncertainty which is what we are seeing today. The reality is that nobody knows when the coronavirus will fade away or when the impact on the economy will disappear. What we do know today is that the president of the United States of America seems to be on another planet when it comes to tackling the problem.

Silence is golden

We are all aware that Donald Trump is not a president who can be shut down very easily as he always seems to have an opinion on everything. In a similar fashion to Boris Johnson, he often becomes blasé under criticism and can effectively dismiss people before even hearing their argument. Maybe he could take a leaf out of Boris Johnson book in the way in which he handles coronavirus press conferences in the UK.

While eager to be seen as the head of the UK response he has two of the leading experts in the UK either side of him. After releasing the rally call on a regular basis he simply hands over to the experts to go into detail about the U.K.’s strategy and hopes for the future. Does Donald Trump listen to his advisers or does he simply surround himself with the yes people?

The conclusion – of Donald Trump’s presidency

Joking aside, unless Donald Trump is able to up his game and get the public back on side there is a real possibility he will not be re-elected in the forthcoming presidential election. Many voters are “seeing through him” with regards to his attack on his critics. In reality, nobody has faced a scenario anywhere similar to the coronavirus issue. We don’t know what to do, when to do it and what will be the ultimate damage to the worldwide economy. However, sometimes it is best to put your hands up and leave it to the experts. Will Donald take heed?

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