”Flats at Kakkanad: Polished Living in City”

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    Flats at Kakkanad are superb residential spaces offering world class facilities as well as luxuries in the commercial capital of Kerala. Attractive facilities in a Kakkand flat include swimming pool, club house, large multi purpose hall and gymnasium. What makes Kakkanad luxury flats different from their high profile competitors? Large shopping mall, tennis court, jogging track, basketball court, children’s play area and ample parking space are the commendable features of Kakkanad flats. Kakkanad based real estate builders are pioneers in premium luxury living space construction. Most real estate building organizations in Kochi are subsidiaries of major business conglomerates in the city.
    Kakkanad based builders cater to the needs of urban residents going to buy their first luxurious home in pivotal residential locations of the city. Capability of Kakkanad flat and apartment builders lies in delivering high quality extravagant homes on time. “Home for Every Dream and a Dream for Every Home “is the lovely motto of Kakkanad flat builders which inspires them again and again. Well designed premium homes equipped with modern amenities make their owners proud and privileged. Kakkanad flats were established in the beginning of 1990s in response to the growing need for quality homes in the metro area. Since then, real estate builders in Kakkanad grew as a towering presence in urban economy of Kochi within a few years. Builders in Kochi completed numerous commercial and residential projects in all parts of Eranakulam District. Many building organizations in Kochi have a presence in Middle East Countries, United Kingdom and United States of America.

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