A Company Who Has A New App Release In The Making

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    PTOP, a penny stock company is certainly one who is planning to revamp in the next coming months.

    MobiCard Inc., aka Peer To Peer Network has made half of the final cash payment on Monday the 18th of November to Think Latitude Inc. ahead of schedule of the agreed upon payment timeline, and in accordance with a new amended payment schedule. This cash payment being ahead of schedule is a strategic benefit to both MobiCard and Think Latitude.

    “In my opinion it gives our equity partners in Think Latitude the incentive to accelerate the timeline, while giving MobiCard the security that we will only make the last payment once we see the apps in beta version on our smartphones in the app stores. This payment, while sooner than anticipated, will ensure that we are not completing the final cash payment until we know with definitive certainty that the apps have cleared the audit process, are listed in the stores, and the Beta Test Program has started,” exclaimed Joshua Sodaitis, CEO of MobiCard.

    Think Latitude has already received the cash payment in accordance with this new amended agreement and believes that this will help the shareholders of MobiCard have faith in the partnership and an excitement for a further working relationship even after the new apps are launched to lay the foundation for a MobiCard 1.5 or 2.0 version to add additional enhancements and begin development of features that the Beta Test users recommend based on the feedback received during the Beta test period after it has commenced."

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