Alpha – X: The Ultimate End-to-end Solution To E-commerce

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    Alpha-X is another big name in the Cryptocurrency industry. It is a market place designed for digital currency usage, backed by Artificial Intelligence.

    Alpha-X currently will start running an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on P2PB2B exchange as from tomorrow. This is to enable the exchange to handle the offering on behalf of Alpha-X, banking on the exchange’s experience in the business. It is Alpha-X’s way of ensuring that users and investors alike get nothing but the best services from the Cryptocurrency company.

    The token sales will begin on September 16, 2019, and end on October 6, 2019. Some 25,000,000 Alpha-X tokens are currently available for IEO. An investor can buy a token for $0.05 while the token sale lasts.

    Investors should note that the minimum purchase amount is 600. Hence, with just $30, you can invest in the amazing offer and own a whopping 600 tokens.
    With BTC, you can purchase the minimum amount with 0.002868 BTC and 0.168534 ETH. It is also equivalent to 30 USDT.

    You can get a bonus, though. Once you purchase some specific amount of the token, Alpha-X will offer you an impressive bonus amount. This is the bonus breakdown:

    • 2,000 AX to 3,999AX, 2% bonus.
    • 4,000 AX to 5,999 AX, 4.5% bonus.
    • 6,000 AX to 9,999AX, 2% bonus.
    • 10% bonus if you purchase 10,000 AX token and above.

    E-Commerce, Finance, AI, and Fintech are some of the areas of applications of the Alpha-X token. That is one of the reasons why it is a worthy digital currency for interested Cryptocurrency investors.

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