are any of the options trading services worth the investment???

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    I have noticed a ton of different services out there claiming to provide you with options plays to add income from your portfolio. Most of them that I have seen are advising on selling options to collect the premium, either covered calls or cash secured puts. I am just wondering if anyone has used these services and if any of them are worth what they are asking for them. The prices are quite varied--I've seen them from $300 to $4500, so I am just wondering if you get what you pay for or if the cheap ones are as good as the expensive ones, and if any of them provide what they claim to.
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    I don't know if they'd teach you anything you couldn't figure out yourself. Anything I'd ever consider taking seriously would need to come from someone with a verifiable track record of success over many years.

    My own use of options is pretty simple and basic - buying puts to short, buying puts to protect volatile long stock positions, buying both puts AND calls on a single investment likely to move dramatically in either direction due to certain events; occasionally selling covered calls, etc.
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