Are There Any Functional Stock Market Apps For Market Updates?

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by Advisorymandi, Jul 23, 2018.

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    There are many stock market apps out there which one can use for watching stock price and use accordingly. But, only a few apps are reliable when it comes off knowing the trending news, a glimpse of the international market, and market’s opening and closing.

    Even with the big stock market apps such as MoneyControl, Investing, and ET Market, I am using another app which is rather new compared to these but integrated with advanced features and facilities.

    The app I’m talking about is “”, although the services are paid, it does have a free 7-days trial version which will allow you to go through all the features this app is offering. One can check for the pre-equity market, post-equity market, commodity reports and much more. Advisorymandi app has a market decode section where one can find the reports like Market Manik, Market Madhyantar, and After Dawn: Equity, Maiden Equity Report, and many others which give updates on market news, opening & closing of the equity market and commodity market.

    One can read these market decodes’ reports to get the insights on the equity and commodity market events occurring during the day.
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    Yes, there are many apps where you can get market updates like money control, google finance etc

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