Asian market felt better today

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    Before the European markets got opened, Asian markets got opened as well today, that's the game of timezones. And Asian markets did a not so bad job because outside of NIKKEI, Shangai Composite, ASX 200, KOSPI & Hang Sang index got an up motion today. Just of few tenth of percent, but still.
    Shangai Composite got a +0.94%, ASX 200 had +0.74, HSI got a +0.18%, while NIKKEI got on a down motion with -1.96% and finally KOSPI got +0.88%.

    The reason? Because of Wall Street felt a little good Monday, if you recall, and because of domestic benefits as well. Bankings and property helped Shangai Composite while ASX got helped more by an higher oil, while precious metals held them a little down.
    How Asian markets will react to the Wall Street today, which is expected to get a -2%? And to the looses of the European market as well?

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