Asian markets affects less Tuesday European markets

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    Meanwhile Asian markets are falling because of the China slowdown that fears a lot of investors, European markets follow its life, based on local conditions but also on global conditions, affected as well by the China's problem.
    Let's start with a summary: CAC 40 for the Tuesday 29 September 2015 is at 4,343 pts with -13.32 pts and -0.31%, IBEX 35 is at 9,393 pts with -0.3 pts or -0.00% (yes, that's a little difference), DAX 30 and its Volskwagen affair is at 9,450 pts and -33.15 pts or -0.35% and finally FTSE 100 is at 5,909 pts with -49.62 pts and -0.83%

    Finally, it looks like European markets is about the same reaction as US markets, despite they are different. What do you think of this? What's the main reason of these numbers? Do you worry, after all?

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