Asian markets rally as US rallies

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    The best event of the world happened according to investors: the probability of a Federal Reserve's interest raise according to their analysis is less likely to happen in 2015. It's as good as solving the worlds' hungriness problem.

    Okay, I admit, I done mockery, but Asian markets are happy for that fact as well. They want more money easing to support their growth hence their positive reaction Friday. As well, they expect China and Japan makes more stimulus measures that will help to make them more profitable.

    About the numbers: NIKKEI is at 18;291.80 pts, with +1.08% or +194.90 pts, meanwhile Hang Sang Index is at 23,067.37 pts with +0.78% or +179.20 pts, ASX 200 got +0.73% or +38.16 pts at 5,268.21 pts. SHANGAI Composite is at 3,391.99 pts, with +1.62% or +53.92 pts and KOSPI is at 2,030.26 pts with -0.15% or -3.01 pts.

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