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    Also, you do have the added potential for a takeover if a larger group could negotiate a significant discount on net assets reflecting the historic, and maybe to a lesser extent, future political volatility. An interesting find and certainly want to watch.
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    Right now there's 130.5 million common shares and roughly 8.5 million options/warrants at 5 cents. The original 43-101 gold resource report stated 2 million ounces proven + 1 million probable. Then you have all the work being done in Senegal which gives AXM a nice royalty and recent news of Teranga gold extending the life of the other targets means more of the royalty claims could go into production.

    Lets be very conservative and say someone wants to buy AXMIF(keep in mind insiders/institutions own roughly 80 million common shares + all warrants/options), they would need the board approval first. But being super super conservative, lets say 10% of the total value of the CAR deposit and add in $2-3 million USD for Senegal Gora royalties currently owed + future potential, I think AXMIF could easily get back to the $1 range like they had back in 2012, if not higher. Not trying to make stuff up, but everything here was done in 2012, proven up and there was no royalty back then when the stock traded at that range.
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    Six recent articles on the Central African Republic:

    July 5th 2018 – Gabon Keeps 444 troops in CAR

    July 6th 2018 – Russian Mercenaries Secure Gold Mines In CAR

    Key Part:

    Defense Ministry officers, comparing the new PMC to the Wagner Group, noted that Patriot pays more and offers better combat assignments. A source in the veterans' community said Wagner and Patriot competed for the contrast to provide security at gold mines in the Central African Republic, Dozhd reported.

    July 5th 2018 – UN Proved Central African Republic With $1 Billion In Aid

    June 29th 2018 – UN Deploys 700 Peace Keepers From Nepal To CAR

    June 29th 2018 – AU(African Union) To Focus On Central African Republic

    June 26th 2018 – New Central African Republic Court Now In Order

    June 25th 2018 – Central African Republic Diamond Business Now Active Again
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    Looks like Axmin Inc(AXM & AXMIF) isn't the only company waiting to get back to working in the Central African Republic. BanwaGold signed a deal end of May and their looking to start things up in Q4 2018 which is October-December 2018. This is a very good sign.

    1. Home
    2. Timeline
    BanwaGold sells mining contracts to investors seeking to base their assets on gold production. To secure these contracts, BanwaGold signs agreements with small producers and mining cooperatives that produce a weekly amount of gold. This quantity will be multiplied by 4, by 10, then 25 thanks to the mining contracts signed by the investors. This is how we plan this ramp-up in the Central African Republic. This strategy will be implemented in parallel in other African countries.

    Q4 2018
    Installation of zone 1 and zone 2 exploration. Opening of the foundry Start of direct investment purchases
    Q2 2019
    Installation of zone 2 and zone 3. Sale of the first production of zone 1
    Q4 2019
    Installation of zone 3 worksites
    Q4 2020
    Industrialization of production
    Q4 2021
    Industrialization of production

    BanwaGold sells mining contracts to investors seeking to base their assets on gold production. BanwaGold's mining contracts have two components: buying gold and producing gold. Purchase: The small producers and mining cooperatives with which BanwaGold signs agreements produce a weekly quantity of gold that is bought at the best market price. Production: Thanks to mining contracts sold by BanwaGold, small producers and mining cooperatives are able to develop exploration and exploitation processes.
    Via our foundry, acquisition of gold via $ 2.5 Million of direct investments and the reinvestment of 70% of the revenues of our production

    Via our local networks of mining cooperatives
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    United Nations Central African Republic Report(January to June 2018)

    This report is 132 pages in total. I have condensed everything with only details that are important and pertain to the stability of the Central African Republic and resumption of work by Axmin Inc.(AXM.V)

    Page 2)
    Following relevant exemptions and notifications to the Security Council
    Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) concerning the Central
    African Republic, the country’s security and armed forces received training and
    military equipment from the Russian Federation. Coupled with the support of other
    partners such as the European Union Military Training Mission in the Central African
    Republic, those efforts are facilitating the re-operationalization of FACA.

    Ex-Séléka factions, like other armed groups, have, however, maintained their
    engagement in the African Union Initiative for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central
    African Republic, under which consultations began in November 2017 and the
    conclusion of an agreement between the Government and the 14 recognized armed
    groups is planned in the coming months

    Page 7)
    The European Union Military Training Mission in the Central African Republic
    is currently finalizing the training of a third battalion of the Forces armées
    centrafricaines (FACA) in Bangui. All trained battalions are gradually being
    redeployed in Bangui and beyond (see para. 18 below). The Training Mission also
    supported the training of 232 demobilized members of armed groups integrated into
    the national army, which was completed on 11 May as part of the pilot project for
    disarmament, demobilization, reintegration and repatriation

    On 26 December 2017, the Committee received a notification from the Russian
    Federation regarding the training of Central African defence and security forces,
    involving 5 military and 170 civilian Russian instructors for a period of one year. The
    first and second training sessions for FACA and the Presidential Guard in the Sudan
    and Berengo (Lobaye Prefecture) conducted by Russian instructors were concluded
    on 31 March and 30 May 2018, respectively. The third training session commenced
    on 30 May in Berengo. The presence of instructors from the Russian Federation
    among the Presidential Guard, as observed by the Panel in Berengo on 31 March, was
    reported to be part of the training exercise. 2

    Russian instructors are currently deployed in Sibut and Bangassou in support of
    recent FACA deployments. They were also involved in escorting a convoy
    transporting materials for the construction of hospitals, which travelled from
    Am Dafok and through the towns of Birao, Ndélé, Kaga Bandoro, Bria and Bangui
    between 7 and 26 May 2018. Twenty-four instructors are currently ensuring the
    security of hospitals donated by the Russian Federation in Bria, and 20 are doing so
    in Ouadda

    In Bangui on 12 March 2018, national authorities, with the support of
    MINUSCA, started the training of the 500 candidates for the police and gendarmerie
    recruited throughout the country (see S/2017/1023, paras. 14–16).6

    Page 8)
    Since April 2018, Russian instructors have also started the training of 160 policemen
    and 50 gendarmes in Berengo as a precondition for assigning them weapons in view of their

    Between 26 January and 7 February 2018, nine aircraft arrived at M’Poko
    International Airport in Bangui to deliver weapons and ammunition as part of the
    military cooperation between the Government of the Russian Federation and the
    Government of the Central African Republic, and as allowed under an exemption by
    the Committee on 15 December 2017

    Page 10)
    The African Union Initiative for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African
    Republic, which began its activities in November 2017, has achieved some traction
    towards meeting the objectives set out in its road map. Through meetings in Bangui
    and several rounds of field visits in the country (see annex 3.1), the African Union’s
    panel of facilitators documented grievances that now form the basis of discussion for
    the planned dialogue aimed at concluding a peace agreement between the Government
    and the 14 armed groups.

    In accordance with the timetable adopted under the African Union Initiative, a
    series of workshops and training seminars are being organized to prepare for the
    upcoming dialogue and build the capacity of the main stakeholders, including the
    panel of facilitators, the Government, the 14 armed groups and civil society.

    In parallel with the African Union Initiative, mediation efforts are also being
    undertaken at the local level, including by MINUSCA, the national authorities and
    religious leaders. Those initiatives are aimed at establishing a favourable environment
    that addresses local conflict dynamics, involving various actors (armed groups, local
    authorities, civil society and religious groups) and taking various formal or informal

    Page 11)
    The Government is also engaging with armed groups through the President’s
    national security adviser, a Russian national appointed as part of the cooperation
    between the Governments of the Central African Republic and the Russian
    Federation, who met on several occasions with leaders of armed groups to discuss
    questions related to, among other things, disarmament, demobilization and
    reintegration, national reconciliation and the sharing of revenues from the
    exploitation of natural resources among local and national authorities.

    Most armed group leaders continue to express support for the African Union

    Page 13)
    In an attempt to address various illicit cross-border activities, the Government
    of the Central African Republic has engaged neighbouring countries with a view to
    signing bilateral and trilateral agreements establishing commissions on cross-border
    issues. From 2 to 4 September 2017, a tripartite meeting was held in Kinshasa
    among the Governments of the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of
    the Congo and South Sudan. Those in attendance recommended the creation of a
    special mixed commission in charge of political, diplomatic, defence and security
    matters pertaining to the three countries

    It is also planned that trilateral commissions will be established among the
    Central African Republic, Chad and the Sudan as well as among the Central African
    Republic, Cameroon and Chad. In addition, it is envisaged that bilateral commissions
    will be put in place between the Central African Republic and Cameroon and between
    the Central African Republic and Chad, as well as between the Central African
    Republic and the Sudan

    Page 18) *Note* - UPC is main group around Passendro/Ndassima
    Still, UPC wants to appear to be a reasonable partner for the Government and
    the international community. For example, although it was involved in violent clashes
    with FACA soldiers in Bambari on 10 June, UPC finally agreed to let the FACA
    convoy reach Bangassou (see para. 19 above). That decision triggered negative
    reactions from other ex-Séléka factions as well as within UPC.61 The rejection of any
    FACA deployment prior to the conclusion of a global agreement is a position common
    to all ex-Séléka factions (see para. 39 above).

    Page 23)
    Since early 2016, a number of foreign operators have obtained permits to exploit
    diamond and gold sites in the Central African Republic in a semi-mechanical or
    industrial manner. Such investments provide tax revenues to the State. At the same
    time, in areas with limited State authority, activities of all economic operators may
    generate revenue for armed groups through racketeering, illegal taxation or possibly,
    as was the case in 2016 with the private security company FIT Protection (see
    S/2016/694, paras. 85–89), direct arrangements between companies and armed groups.

    Page 30)
    Additional information on the training of FACA by the European Union Training
    Mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM)
    Since September 2016, EUTM has trained a total of 3,000 FACA soldiers:
    - Qualifying courses for 344 FACA officers (i.e. 38% of the total officers) and 544
    non-commissioned officers (i.e. 26% non-commissioned officers);
    - Training for 1,600 FACA soldiers (a total of three battalions, the last battalion
    finishes training in early August 2018);
    - Training of 232 FACA soldiers as part of the pilot project for disarmament,
    demobilization, reintegration and repatriation;
    - The validation of the training of 344 FACA soldiers organized in Rwanda and
    Equatorial Guinea.

    Additional information on the training of FACA by instructors from the
    Russian Federation
    The first training of personnel of the CAR national defence and security forces by the
    military (5) and civilian (170) instructors of the Russian Federation, as notified to the
    Committee on 26 December 2017, was concluded on 31 March 2018. The training took
    place in the CAR and in the Sudan. During an official ceremony at the training site on 31
    March 2018 in Berengo, 65 km southwest of Bangui, 202 FACA soldiers and Presidential
    Guards demonstrated some of the operational skills acquired during their training.1 Few
    days earlier, on 26 March, most of the National defence and security forces trained in the
    Sudan flew back to the Central African Republic.
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    part 2:

    The return of relative stability in town has also been facilitated by the progressive
    disappearance of the most dangerous self-defence group leaders: “Ngadé” was killed
    in inter-group clashes in December 2017; “Bere-Bere” surrendered to MINUSCA in
    January 2018; and “Pino Pino” fled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where
    he was arrested together with 37 members of his group, on 16 May 2018

    The last factor contributing to the current stability in Bangassou town is the CVR
    program launched in May by MINUSCA for 700 beneficiaries. People included in
    the program receive a paid training for three months to learn a profession in exchange
    of handing over their weapons. To date, MINUSCA has collected almost 1,500
    weapons and is considering launching a second CVR phase in August 2018

    Most of the information between Pages 46 to 117 are images, maps, and unrelated details

    Page 118)
    Use of anti-balaka fighters, ISF and FACA elements as security
    providers for economic operators.

    To operate in the CAR, especially in the provinces, economic operators, including mining
    companies, need to take measures to ensure their security. Some mining companies or
    cooperatives employ private security companies. As mentioned in the 2017 Panel’s final
    report (S/2017/1023, para. 235), one such private security company operating in SossoNakombo
    was employing former anti-balaka soldiers

    Other mining companies reportedly directly recruit anti-balaka or former anti-balaka
    fighters. Anti-balaka leaders in Bouar and some local authorities told the Panel that the use
    of former anti-balaka combatants as security providers was common practice for mining
    companies operating in the Abba area.

    Some companies rather secure the provisioning of National defence and security forces
    through agreements with the Ministries of Defence and/or Interior. Such practices enable
    the companies to ensure their security without resorting to protection by armed groups; at
    the same time, they create additional tasks for FACA and ISF whose human resources and
    capabilities are limited. In Bouar, for instance, the FACA Deputy Commander told the
    Panel that more than a third of FACA deployed in the area were involved in the protection
    of mining companies
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    Axmin received $600K USD from Teranga Gold in Q2 2018 from royalty payments.

    From TGZ Financials(Page 10) Released Today: Includes royalties to Axmin Inc. on account of their 1.5 percent net smelter royalty on the Gora deposit. During the three and six months ended June 30, 2018, the Company incurred $0.6 million and $1.1 million, respectively, of Axmin royalties (2017: $0.4 million and $0.7 million, respectively).
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    Page 7 ( TGZ Q2 MD&A)

    Ore tonnes milled were marginally lower in the first half of 2018 compared with the first half of 2017 due primarily to lower mill throughput resulting from planned grinding circuit maintenance during the second quarter of 2018, including a planned rebuild of the secondary crusher as well as processing harder, high grade Gora ore.

    Page 13(TGZ Q2 Financials)

    As at June 30, 2018, there is $1.3 million in other current assets and $3.3 million in other non-current assets as advanced royalty payments to the Government of Senegal. In total, the Company had recorded $10.0 million related to the Oromin Joint Venture Group (“OJVG”) in 2014 and $4.2 million related to the Gora deposit in the first quarter of 2015. The advanced royalties are expensed to net profit based on actual production from the former OJVG and Gora deposits. During the three and six months ended June 30, 2018, the Company expensed $0.8 million and $1.7 million, respectively, as amortization of the OJVG and Gora advanced royalties (2017: $0.8 million and $1.5 million, respectively). The advanced royalty recorded within other current assets is based on the expected production from the OJVG and Gora deposits over the next year and the remaining balance is recorded within other non-current assets. Refer to note 16 for further details.
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    The Russian journalists who died in Central African Republic (CAR), on the day of the assassination were attempting to arrange the filming of the gold mine, which the company established by Yevgeny Prigozhin supposedly plans to develop, the Dozhd television channel (also known as TV Rain) reported citing information from the Investigations Management Centre (IMC) for which journalists collected information about Russian military mercenaries.

    Before the murder, the journalists Orkhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguyev and Kirill Radchenko went to meet the "fixer" – the UN employee based in the CAR, who was supposed to help them film the gold mines of Ndassima, said the IMC. The journalists were ambushed between the cities of Sibu and Kaga-Bandoro, away from their planned route. The IMC does not have any knowledge of why they deviated from their route.

    In mid-July, the Africa Intelligence news outlet reported that Russia had allegedly made an agreement with the government of the CAR for development of the Ndassima gold mine, in return promising to restore the order in the region, writes The Bell. According to the Africa Intelligence, Lobaye Invest which is established by M-Invest company, associated with the alleged sponsor of a Russian Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), Yevgeny Prigozhin, represents Russia's interests in the country. The PMC fighters, in line with the Lobaye Invest interests, are engaged in the transportation from Bangui and the protection of mining equipment . In particular, the Lobaye Invest employees control the recently renewed diamonds mining near Berengo, wrote the newspaper.

    The journalist, film director and camera operator arrived in the CAR planning to make a film about the activities of the Russian private military company (PMC), which media associates with businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin (Prigozhin himself denies the link with Wagner PMC). The official investigation version named the killing near the city of Sibu as a result of an armed robbery.

    For information on AXM Ndassima/Passendro claim: - Axmin.pdf
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