Beware Of Payperex

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    I initially invested a total of $20,000 over a period of 18 weeks. My bonus/profit was $100,000, every attempt to make withdrawal failed and I was instructed to make another deposit of $35,000 before I can make withdrawals which I did. Up till now I'm still unable to make withdrawals and all attempt to contact broker has failed. This is very pathetic and I advise everyone to desist from binary options generally. I did a due diligence test before investing with them but guess what I ended up getting burned. This is to create awareness, not everybody can be as lucky as I was. I'm saying this because I was able to recover my funds. Thanks to Hack Net, he’s a private investigator and wealth recovery expert...Contact him on HACKNET(at)CYBERSERVICES (dotcom) for more enquiries. Thought someone might find this information useful

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