Bitcoin To Test The Record Levels In A Short Time

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    The Bitcoin rally is on a step to make a new record from the last record of $19270 since December 2017. It is sure that in the next couple of weeks Bitcoin will set a new record above the last one since December 2017. The reasons are couple one is the corona crisis that makes the virtual payments attractive and prefer than rest other methods. Also many companies, banks and countries invest into virtual currencies and even develop their own crypto-currencies.
    Bitcoin will become attractive these days and recommends if you hold Bitcoin to keep it for a new record at levels close to $27000 in January-February 2021. Also you can use the rally to enter into long positions as the resistance at the current record is easily vulnerable.
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    In current financial world Bitcoin consider as a safe haven. Because of BTC traders are becoming more interested in crypto market. Expert are considering crypto as future of money. It will lead the world soon. However, trading crypto is another matter. Trader need knowledge and skill. It is risker than any other investment. However, it has more potential profit than other investment. Eurotrader also offer bitcoin trading services.

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