Brandplus - New Era Begins For Brands

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    BrandPlus Token Public Sale WhiteList

    We announce the whitelist campaign for Public Sale Rounds.


    Here’s a small recap of what is gonna happen:

    Whitelist Start: 10.05.2021 10:00 UTC
    Whitelist End: 25.05.2021 10:00 UTC
    Whitelist Winners Announcement: 25.05.2021 11:00 UTC

    Public Sale Round 1
    Public Sale Round 1 Start: 25.05.2021 12:00 UTC
    Public Sale Round 1 price: $ 0.0007

    In order to get a chance to join our Public Sale, it is mandatory to complete the actions listed in the form.

    you can find on our website:


    What is BrandPlus Platform?

    BrandPlus is a platform that produces turnkey solutions for all brands around the world to easily generate their own tokens on the blockchain. Also branding, marketing, and community solutions.

    What is BrandPlus Token?

    The main token of the BrandPlus Platform is BrandPlus (BRP). Brands that do not choose to launch their own token will be able to use the BrandPlus (BRP) token as a loyalty token. In addition, consumers will be able to exchange tokens of other brands through the BrandPlus Swap. In this way, tokens given for reward or loyalty purposes will turn into assets that can be used independently of location and brand. The architect of BrandPlus Token is TokenFab.

    The web site of the token is

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