Cablevision sold today

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    A cable company, Cablevision, sold itself and got brought by Altice, an European company, for the amount of the $17.7 billion. Despite that, the plan doesn't seems to be to really care about pay-TV cable.
    What's happening?
    Basically, Altice is already the owner of a French cable company, and now it buys an American cable company. However, economists thinks that investing too much in cable would be not really expected, since traditional cable bundles already provides many channels to customers, and online streaming are having a lot of success these days, pay-TV cable doesn't look so charming. The strategy would be otherwise, then: it would let the European company to enter inside other U.S. industries, via this U.S. cable company.
    Why do you think Altice brought Cablevision? Does it show the decline of the TV cable industry?

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