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Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by Rosyrain, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I agree that Trump success as president would divide the country. He is already doing it by utterances; that his supporters should punch protesters, yelling at protesters to get out, and that he misses the days that protesters would leave rallies in stretchers. Many people will never be able to forget this outrageous behavior by Trump.
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    Patent nonsense. Donald Trump never said such a thing. The quote is:

    The bolded part of the quote is where he quantifies the following statements. To claim he called "an entire country 'rapists" would require a lack of basic English comprehension or an unbelievable level of intellectual dishonesty.

    And what he said is factually correct; some, certainly not all, of the illegal aliens in this country traffic drugs and commit horrific acts of violence. That is backed up by a ton of real world data, not the least of which from the FBI.
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    I doubt that there's even a president that can get the approval of all citizens. In any case, all candidates have their own supporters and detractors. And whoever wins, of course, not all people will approve of them. That being said, we all know just how straightforward and blunt Trump is. That is really his downfall as well as his upside. However, he still needs to learn to speak eloquently, being a supposed presidential candidate and all. And although I'm not pro-Trump at all, if he does win, I'll give him a chance and see what he can do. After all, I cannot judge someone's abilities and skills without seeing them first. If in the first year, he's done nothing to America's economy and issues, then that's when I'll judge him, lol!
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    Most people are just determined to despise Trump, regardless of knowledge of his positions or of what he's actually said. It's easier to hate someone that everyone else says you're supposed to hate than to stand on your own and form (and express) an informed opinion based on your own understanding and values.
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    I'm not so sure. In the Phillipines you may not readily hear the dissenting conservative radio talk shows broadcast on MW stations, or both sides of the opinions on the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter activist disruptions of late in places like Ferguson and Columbia (both in Missouri), Chicago and Baltimore, the consternation of both political parties with each other over the inability to agree upon federal budgets in recent years, and the ballooning national debt during the Obama administration. (I liken it to the USA media's ignoring the current Phillipine investigation of the $81M money laundering investigation, despite that hackers apparently moved some of those monies to New York banks.) The media of this country is largely split into liberal and conservative voices when it comes to editorials: CNN with a presence in your country tends to be liberal. A suggestion: look to the VOA for coverage. The USA may not be divided as it was during the height of the Vietnam War, but IMHO there are significant unhappy population segments for reasons of loss of jobs (think of recent trade agreements), crime (exemplified by the high murder rates in inner cities such as Chicago, as one example, and the cartels' murder and kidnappings in the American Southwest as drugs and guns flow north), and other reasons. My perception is the big election issues are the economy and terrorism. One expansive discussion of campaign issues is here, but you may well find different opinions from the extreme right (conservatives) and the extreme left (liberals). As with any discussion of political views there are no hard and fast divisions of opinions. It isn't always easy to discern who is expressing an opinion. I liken the differences to a gray scale bar used to adjust screen colors on computer monitors used for photo editing. HTH. YMMV.

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