Clean Energy Transition Inc. (tsxv:tran | Otc:gcrif)

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    Clean Energy Transition Inc.

    Tickers – TSXV:TRAN | OTC:GCRIF
    Price- $0.06 CAD | $0.05 USD
    Market Cap Today: $2.2M CAD | $1.6M USD
    Common Shares: 36.4 Million
    Options: 3.7 Million
    Cash: $2.6M + 3-4 Million EVNI.V ($2-3 million CAD value today)
    Tax Losses: $29.5 Million (Unclaimed + Non-Capital)
    Corporate Website:

    About Clean Energy Transition Inc.

    Clean Energy Transition, or, is focused on opportunities to generate positive cash flow, across the energy transition. The company includes a quartz division-focused on advancing its silica/quartz business with the Snow White project in Ontario and the Silicon Ridge project in Quebec. The silica in high-quality quartz can be used to make silicon metal, a key component in solar energy panels.

    June 12th 2024 CEO Podcast -

    June 2024 Fact Sheet -

    Due to this being a newly structured company, the most current information can be obtained by listening to the recently released CEO podcast.

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