$DIS pushes Star Wars VIII to Dec 2017

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by baudwalk, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Heavens to mergatroid. Good grief, Charlie Brown! What's up doc?
    As a conspiracy theorist, I wonder if TFA earnings weren't up to expectations or if the dropping world economy is putting a crimp in park attendence affecting corporate cash flow. Curious minds want to know. :confused:
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    I saw this as a joke. But George Lucas really needs to have a stroke or something. Star Wars needs to die and be something we fondly remember. The last, whatever movies, have not even been average movies. It is the same as he did with Indy.. basically forcing us to forget the last movies in order to maintain our belief that there were ever even good movies to begin with.

    that said, a 7 month delay in a movie isn´t unheard of. The latest movie is doing really well in China, way above expectations so I don´t think it has as much to do with the economy there as it is just them wanting to milk the current movie before they get people all hyped for the next one.

    The thing to keep in mind about the current economic problems in China is that it is a ´top´ problem. The stock market and banks are having the issues as well as factories, but China is a completely different monster than the USA... decreased factory production does not directly lead to job losses or lower wages. The middle class in China is still doing well, and a big part of the pain China has been going through the last few years is a result of the central gov´t forcing a rise of the middle class ( consumerism) as compared to the last 20 years where their economy was based around cheap exports. They are trying to mimic the US economy which is also middle-class consumerism driven.

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