Do you work with other investors for a historic property?

Discussion in 'Buying & Selling Real Estate' started by Glcameron, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Do you have any experience purchasing a historical property? I know they're quite a few view investors home have gone to the process of purchasing a historical home or piece of land, with this in mind do you possibly have someone else come in with you financially to be able to secure door do you do so by yourself. Another part of the question that have to ask his do you possibly go through the process of trying to rebuild or restore the property in order to have it as a historical option for visitation for state purposes or do you simply center offer section off the buildings or sections of the land that may have the most historical value and build around it in order to offer the opportunity for leasing for budding businesses.
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    No, i have no experience in purchasing historical property, neither the experience in wanting to rebuild it or restore it, going down such a terrain, would require i get to rub shoulders with the high and mighty, have a fat bank account, legal counsel and base, the list is endless....these are the things lacking unfortunately...if only things were favorable...sigh!
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    I think that if it's a too big investment and the return seems obvious, partnering up with other investors seems to be the next logical step, why not?

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