Donald Trump Starting Another War With Iran?

Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by gowiththeflow, May 9, 2018.

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    Whether or not you agreed with the Iran nuclear agreement, it was signed, sealed and delivered by the US and other allies. Is Donald Trump right to reneg on the deal? Will this have any impact on stockmarkets? Surely there must be an increased degree of risk?
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    The "deal" initiated by Obama was done unconstitutionally, as was the $150 billion dollars he gave Iran as part of it - the deal was in effect a treaty that would have needed congressional approval, which of course he knew he would not get. It is an "executive memo" easily undone by his successor. Obama is part of that leftist cult in the US that believes that we are the bad guys, and that we can somehow make peace with savages and fanatics by giving them anything and everything they want and getting nothing in return.

    Not even leading democrats like Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez supported it. Only Obama's most blindly devoted allies would have voted in favor of such a foolish, one-sided deal with the world's top financier of terrorism. Of course Menendez had been engaging in illegal and unethical behavior, and once he spoke out against the deal he found himself to be the subject of an investigation, prosecution, and an embarrassing trial.

    The idea to give Iran all sorts of goodies and get nothing in return no doubt originated in the mind of Obama's main advisor Valerie Jarrett - who is a sheltered, leftist Chicago lawyer of Iranian descent who studied psychology as an undergrad. Leftist elitist gold-digging attorney John Kerry "negotiated" the deal with Iran as Secretary of State. And naive, sheltered, inexperienced elitists such as former "creative writer" Ben Rhodes were also instrumental in the deal.

    The reason European nations supported the deal was because their bigger corporations were making lots of money off trade with Iran that became possible once Obama lifted sanctions as a condition of the deal. What person with any common sense lifts sanctions or pressure off their adversary BEFORE negotiating with them?
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    Totally agree :)

    Buy oil!
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    was just discussing the pros/cons via email with friend last night after he sent following Rolling Stone article. Not sure how this latest stunt will play out & guess we'll just have to wait & see lol

    The 3 Biggest Consequences of Trump Pulling Out of the Iran Deal - The decision is already having ripple effects around the world
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    His hardline approach with North Korea is starting to bear fruit - will it work with Iran?

    At the moment it looks as though Israel is taking the flack for the US - however, I do not think that any parties in the middle east actually want to go to a full blown war.

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