EmperorPick #4: IsoRay - ISR @ 3.18 per share.

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    IsoRay, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ISR) is amedical technology company, operating out of Washington state. The company is a manufacturer of Cesium-131. Cs-131seeds deliver radiation quickly and aggressively compared to other types ofinternal, low dose rate radiation. Treatments are currently approved for brain cancer, headand neck cancer, lung cancer, ocular cancer, gynecologic cancer and prostatecancer. Cesium-131 is one of the most significant scientific advancement incancer brachytherapy (internal radiation) in more than 20 years, providingdoctors and patients with powerful new cancer treatment options.

    OnJune 20, 2014 IsoRay announced today that it has entered into two (2)international distribution agreements: the first with MedikorPharma-Ural LLCfor the Russian market and the other with Surgicorp SRL for the Peruvianmarket.

    Addedto the Russell Microcap Index on June 13th @ $2.50 per share, up 27.2% as ofFriday June 27, trading @ $3.18.

    Iposted a buy recommend earlier on Twitter at $3.11 per share. Buy now @ 3.18per share. This company is a good investment for both your portfolio and forour future healthcare options. Feel good about this purchase. If you find this useful, please follow the picks on Twitter. God bless you and your investments.
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