End of October: Friday & results of the month

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    Because the market won't open again until November month, Friday is expected as the day to look back to the October month and its performance. And it's not disappointing.

    It's the best month in the past 4 years, with S&P 500 with +8.3% for the month, Dow Jones got +8.5% and NASDAQ Composite did +9.4% for the month. Good indices here.

    Oil stopped to fall and rise a bit, but the fall/rises are really dependent that can't be looked at in a month (few days ago, oil was back at $44 and it is now at $46).

    But Friday got a little lower scores between -0.40% and -0.52% for Wall Street.

    And here's the Friday numbers:
    Dow Jones got -0.52% or -92.26 pts at 17,663.54 pts. S&P 500 got -0.48% or -10.05 pts at 2,079.36 pts. NASDAQ Composite did -0.40% or -20.53 pts at 5,053.75 pts.

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