Eurusd To Test 1.20 In The Next Few Days

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    The Dollar is on the way to make temporary recovery against the Euro in the next couple of hours. The recovery is based on technical correction. EURUSD trend in the mid-term period remains upward.
    There are some key fundamental events that can move the market. The first one and most important is the U.S. Retail Sales for March. It is expecting a strong recovery up to 5.9% compared with -2.7% in the prior month. During the same time of Retail Sales release is expecting Initial Claims. The weekly number of people filing first-time claims for state unemployment insurance may drop to 700K compared to 744 prior month.
    For tomorrow morning Germany's Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices is expecting at the same level of 2.0%.
    All these factors are not enough to support the Dollar at the end of this week and beginning of the new week. expects to see EURUSD to test 1.20 and above.
    In a support level we recommend to use the level of 1.1915.
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