Export-Import bank: helping U.S. businesses, or just for multinationals?

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    I already talked about the Export-Import bank and I thought it would be natural to follow along with news: U.S. House of Representatives voted last Tuesday to revive the Export-Import bank, that was currently expiring if it wasn't renewed.

    For the context, Export-Import bank claims it helps U.S. exports by providing insurances to foreign buyers of U.S. goods unwilling to take risks or who can't take risks. The problem is that this bank is believed to support only multinationals and not small businesses, basically just giving money to companies already getting enough money.

    General Electric already said that the U.S. Export-Import bank was a motivation to get out of the country and make more parts of the jet engines elsewhere than U.S.
    What do you think of that Export-Import bank and what's that whole thing about it?

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