Fear Of Placing Trades In Live Market

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    There are many traders in the market who think for a long time before placing a single trade. It is good that you are analyzing every market possibility to save your money from evaporating from your account. It is bad when you do it too much and begin to be afraid to trade the market. If you want to trade in Forex, remember to place your trades in favor of the market trend, just like the expert traders in Singapore. If you try to be a hero and trade against the market trend, your trading capital will be at great risk. This market is very large and it cannot be conquered. You have to accept that. Most traders in the market think of defeating the market and do lots of analyses before they even place their trades. As a result, they begin to fear the market. You should not fear the Forex market. The market should fear you for placing perfect trades that can take the money from the market into your account.

    Why think so much before placing trades?
    This is only a trade. This is not the end of your life. You need to grow your heart and became a man to place a trade. If you have lost that trade, even in your real account, you will not be sued by your family or your broker. Trade the market in a relaxed style. Do not feel that you need to win every time. Most of analysis and fear of placing trades occur because traders begin to think they need to win every trade they are placing in the market in order to become a successful trader. This is not true. You can become a successful trader even with a losing number of trades.

    The expert traders at Saxo often face many consecutive losing orders, but they always stick to their trading plan.Losing is just a part of the trader’s life. As a currency trader, you need to focus on proper money management and quality trade execution for long term success. The expert traders in the options trading industry simply follow the proper money management plan and make a decent profit in every single month.Make sure that you are aiming for high-risk reward ratio trades only.

    If you cannot place trades, quit Forex
    This may sound harsh to you, but the financial world is not a game. Either you stay here and take part in this trading game or you exit the market. There is no need to end your life only to think about whether you will place trades in the market.

    Perfect trading strategy
    Nothing is perfect in the world of finance. As a currency trader, you will always have some losing trades, and there is nothing you can do about it. You need to follow a proper money management plan and trade with a perfect trading strategy. Instead of copying other trader’s trading system try to develop your own trading method, since it will suit your personality. Never place any trade based on your emotion. Always trade what you see and limit your risk exposure in every possible way. Make sure that you do the fundamental analysis as it is one of the key price driving catalysts in the financial industry.

    Conclusion: Stop thinking about the market and place your trades. If you lose in the market, smile and accept that with a happy heart. You are here to win, and losing is a small price to become a professional trader in the world largest trading market. Try to master the art of price action trading strategy, since it is one the most reliable trading system in today's word.Always focus on high-quality trade execution in the higher time frame.

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