Fears on Global Economic Recovery Due to China Slowdown

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    It seems like China hasn't recovered yet from its continued slowdown over the past year. This raises up concerns of a blurry global economic recovery because China's economy has a significant impact on the worldwide market. The country's industrial output slowed to its weakest growth since the financial crisis. The percentage of production in January and February this year has been the worst since 2008.

    Chinese exports fell by 25.4% in February compared to last year's percentage. This is considered to be the biggest monthly decline since 2009.

    Sales in retail for the first two months of the year grew by 10.2%, which is below analysts' expectations of a 10.9% rise.

    Furthermore, UK finance minister George Osborne says that falling oil prices, changes in interest rates, and political instability in the Middle East meant "hopes of a strong global recovery have evaporated".

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