Finding Success in Online Affiliate Marketing

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    These past few weeks, I have been thinking about giving up my pursuit for success in making money blogging because I couldn't seem to generate any income from it yet. I know that it takes time to monetize a blog and patience is really something needed to be able to succeed in it. However, as a stay-at-home working mom, my need for money to sustain my household's daily needs really tested my patience.

    I'm still a newbie blogger so the results of my hard work are still yet to be seen, especially because I'm only relying on ads at the moment to generate income from my blog. Now, I have discovered that affiliate marketing is a much better way of generating income from blogging. I would like to know your experiences and tips when it comes to affiliate marketing? Is is possible to succeed at affiliate marketing using free web hostings such as blogger or do you recommend using the paid hostings instead?

    i would greatly appreciate your ideas guys! Thank you very much in advance. :)
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    It would be best to actually spend no money paying for hosting or domain names initially. It gives you all the time you need to experiment with different products and find out practically, the returns you expect before you spend any money. Spend some time learning the basics of affiliate marketing and you'll be more likely to succeed.

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