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Discussion in 'Politics Discussion' started by baudwalk, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. baudwalk

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    May 2015
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    I just downloaded a newly released smartphone/tablet app (title above) that at first glance looks to be decent and captures pertinent information -- bios and debate info -- in a one-stop thingie. I do notice the Dems apparently haven't scheduled debates yet. I expect the app to evolve as we get closer to the conventionS themselves and then the elections. HTH. YMMV.
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    Sep 2014
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    While I'm not the biggest fan of Fox News, they are too establishment for me, they do tend to have the best cable news coverage of politics. MSNBC is out of this world liberal, and CNN is just boring. This app is pretty solid and does a good job of keeping one posted on all the latest political news. I wouldn't definitely recommend it whether or not you are a political junkie or not. It'll help you stay informed.

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