Friday 6th: U.S. markets fixed after the good labor report

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    U.S. markets still fears the interest rate hike, but in a different way. Some economists starts to think that the next weeks is going to be positive because the probability of a interest hike is felt as higher with the good U.S. October labor data that just got published last Friday. Meaning investors isn't feeling really comfortable with this hike.

    Wall Streets' markets are doing better since it is the 6th straight week of gaining. But Friday is still yielding mixed results.
    The St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said that U.S. economy is effectively at full employment.

    The numbers now:
    Dow Jones got +0.26% or +46.90 pts at 17,910.33 pts. S&P 500 got -0.03% (and is the only looser) or -0.73 pts at 2,099.20 pts. NASDAQ Composite got +0.38% or +19.38 pts at 5,147.12 pts.

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