Friday's 30: Asian markets look

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    Japan is the only one going in the positive territory when it comes to Asian markets, and that's what's happening since few last days. Despite the decision of Bank of Japan to not add new stimulus and keep the monetary policy steady (remember the last few days, NIKKEI was up because investors thought these stimulus measures would happen), NIKKEI still stay in good health compared to other Asian markets friends.

    The worrying point is the inflation. Since September 2014, the consumer price index fallen of -0.1% instead of gaining 0.2%.

    And now, the numbers:
    HSI is going down with -0.79% or -179.90 pts at 22,640.04 pts. Meanwhile, ASX 200 gone down of -0.52% or -27.42 pts at 5,239.44 pts. Shangai Composite got -0.13% or -4.39 pts at 3,382.92 pts. KOSPI got -0.23% or -4.69 pts at 2,2029.47 pts. Finally, NIKKEI got +0.78% or +147.39 pts at 19,083.10 pts.

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