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Discussion in 'General Trading Discussion' started by Benigna Mazzi, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Benigna Mazzi

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    Jul 2020
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    If you're already spending much time on Forex trading, it shouldn't hurt to gain more knowledge. Expert traders also share their trading experiences online. However, I learned most of the trading from Eurotrader's free education courses. It also gives a quick id verification process, easy and fast account opening, and much more.
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    Jan 2020
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    There are many professional traders on the market. Professional status as a Forex trader requires years of commitment and is backed up by a well-defined strategy that demonstrates consistent profitability. I am also a professional trader in Tpglobalfx. I learned in my trading journey that forex trading requires patience, dedication, and a learning mindset. Professional traders also face losses or make mistakes like new traders.

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