Gold&Oil: the Penny Stocks' "Rescue Boat"?

Discussion in 'Penny Stocks' started by Investor, Jun 29, 2015.

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    As it concerns Penny Stocks, there's always been the common debate as to whether it's worthwhile to consider investing in this area, primarily because of the perception that there may be a greater risk than reward if the market isn't well researched.

    However, as can be very well imagined, the rewards are there for the taking, and some have been spotted, especially in the areas of gold and energy (particularly oil-generated energy). refers to Minco Gold Corp., Dejour Energy and Lake Shore Gold Corp, as such companies in the Penny Stocks industry that have been holding firm in terms of the strength of their profits, as well as the returns that they have been churning out for their customers/investors.

    So, have you or anyone you know invested in these or similar companies?

    Has it been a profitable venture? Or would you urge someone to invest in another field, rather than penny stocks?


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