Gold Trading Signalstoday And Gold Price Outlook

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    Gold trading signalsToday and gold price Outlook


    buy @ 1215

    tp @ 1229

    sl @ 1208

    Explanation of the gold trading signals today

    Gold is preferred to buy at the market price as long as the price of gold above the level of 1208 as a stop loss level

    Profit taking is set at 1229 for automatic exit on a profit

    Gold Analysis and Gold Technical Outlook

    The trend of gold in the near term and the medium is very bearish and the bearish trend continues

    However, technical indicators are showing signs of recovery in gold prices

    The price of gold has formed the technical model known as the measured move

    Where the price of gold fell from the level of 1265 to reach the level of 1236 and represents the first wave decline in the pattern

    The price of gold rose corrective until it reached the level of 1245, which dropped from it to start the last bear wave, which ended near the level of 1211

    The first and second waves are equal in length

    Which expresses the end of the pattern and is considered a signal for the rise

    The RSI gave an early warning signal on the end of the current bearish trend through the revolutionary divergence pattern

    The reversal candle pattern, known as the hammer, appears on the four-hour frame, which represents an opportunity to enter the buy

    free forex trading signals live and EUR / USD outlook


    sell @ 1.1750

    tp @ 1.1680

    sl @ 1.1790

    Euro and Dollar Technical Outlook and forex trading signals free

    The EURUSD rose from the 1.1500 level on 12-6-2018 until the EURUSD reached 1.1760 and during this rally the EURUSD formed the bullish measured move pattern and the two waves are equal height

    The pair also formed another measured move pattern as it rose from the 1.1530 level to confirm the EURUSD selling opportunities

    The EURUSD is testing the medium term downtrend line near 1.1750

    EURUSD also formed the bearish divergence pattern on the RSI on the 4 hour and 4 hour frame

    All of these technical indicators are a strong driver to send currency recommendations today to sell EURUSD

    Explanation of the Euro-Dollar recommendation and currency expectations

    EURUSD is preferred to sell on FX market as long as EURUSD trades below the down trend line

    And below 1.1790 as a stop loss and exit from the deal targeting the 1.1680 level of take profit
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    Can you trade options on gold? That would surely give more leverage on relatively small movements?

    Personally, I would prefer not to trade an investment on a short term bounce from an oversold position where the trend is still downwards.
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