Greenforests Launches Web3 Referral Program For Conservation

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    Green Forests


    GreenForests Launches Web3 Referral Program for Conservation

    Preserving nature with blockchain innovation


    GreenForests is thrilled to launch a new referral program promoting sustainability through blockchain.

    Why Join?
    Support Conservation:
    Help protect forests.
    Earn Rewards: Get $Green coins or exclusive NFTs for referrals.
    Build Community: Connect with eco-conscious individuals.


    How It Works:
    Unique Referral Link:
    Share your link. When someone signs up and qualifies, both earn rewards.

    Airdrop Bonuses:
    Sign-Up Bonus:
    30,675 $Green coins on registration.
    Referral Bonus: 30,675 $Green coins per referral.


    Our Mission:
    Led by American Lands LLC, $Green uses blockchain to protect forests.
    We buy and maintain forested lands, offer educational resources, and provide eco-friendly products.

    Join the Resistance:

    Protect forests and reconnect with nature. Visit to join us.




    Telegram Announcements:

    Telegram Chat:





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