H1B visa lawsuits brought against $ DIS Disney; more dirty linen

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    The H1B visa story popped to the surface again. Last year I heard of Disney IT workers being compelled to train their replacements, foreign workers from India, coming to the USA, but i didn't realize until today it was a condition for receiving severance packages. This nugget of information was explained by Sara Blackwell of The Blackwell Firm in Sarasota, FL. As attorney Blackwell explained in the radio show interview, usually American workers replaced through the H1B process have binding clauses preventing those being terminated to speak out or they suffer loss of hefty severance payouts. Apparently Disney failed to include such clauses in the $DIS severances and so those terminated persons can talk about their treatment.

    Blackwell, whose firm operates the website Protecting U.S. Workers, is representing 250 workers. Lawsuits were filed in federal court, in Tampa, against Disney and two global consulting firms. An instance was cited of one person, who trained her replacement, applied for 150 other positions at Disney and did not get one. In response to the lawsuits, Disney claimed the lawsuits were based upon claims not supported by facts.

    Blackwell pointed out there are exceptions to the rigorous H1B application process. Apparently a Masters degree and jobs with salaries greater than $50,000 can bypass the slog; and Blackwell claims there are degree mills and collusion of the firms seeking H1B applicanrs to game the system. There are a number of large global firms recruiting and placing foreign workers.

    Blackwell further stated the game includes scenarios of large numbers of H1B replacements come into a firm, work for a few month, move the work offshore, and then move enmasse to the next targeted firm.

    Blackwell spoke of controversies on the H1B visas in Congress and the Justice Department going back to the middle of 2015 when the Disney story camd to light. The political nonsense continues with a Congressional delegation visiting India this month to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

    Look at Blackwell's website for more details on the H1B game. it's quite incredible. For your reading enjoyment, the embedded links to the newspaper stories have more detail on the court activity.

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