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    Bit of background, I've been a very passive investor for around five years now. In 2014 I entered the world of daytrading, and made a killing, then I lost it all when I very foolishly followed some online advice, and invested heavily in GTAT, not long before they filled for bankruptcy.

    My only current position is BBRY, which I entered into at around $7 in early 2014. I've often thought how much I would have made, if had been selling at $10, and buying the dips, but so far, I still have my position from 2014.

    I'm currently looking into getting a new EU friendly broker, and hopefully dedicate some time to get back into trading here in 2016. It would of course be even better to actually make some money as well haha!
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    Welcome, retaw33... I'll look forward to seeing your posts. You'll find a lot of people ready to discuss investing with you here.

    Online advice... yes. We've been burned kind of the same, but "radio advice" in my case. It was a nightmare much like yours was, I'm sure... took some advice to buy gold at this really REALLY great company that was... "going places" by golly.

    We bought gold. A lot of gold. Oh yeah, the "great place to buy gold" according to a usually trusted radio personality? With Allen Stanford, of course. Yeah, THAT Allen Stanford. Still stings. Bottom line, it took a LONG time and a lot of red tape, but they finally got around to releasing the gold for the suckers... uh, I mean investors (I can say that, I WAS one! :eek: ) so it wasn't actually a total loss, but it took a long time.

    Well anyhow, have a good time here and best of luck with building that fortune. Yes, making some money is always a nice perk. :)

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