High Leverage

Discussion in 'General Trading Discussion' started by Helen Epperly, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. Helen Epperly

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    Aug 2020
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    High leverage can be used if you have low capital. It may give you the opportunity to make potential profits, but it also has the potential to blow up your entire account and comes with more important risks-you with the least capital. If you are a new trader, this is not the way to go. My broker Eurotrader offers high leverage. But I only use 1:100 leverage.
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    Dec 2019
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    Trader means who invest money in the forex market to earn profits. Forex trading is the most famous and profitable business in the world. Anyone can trade in the forex market and earn a lot of money if they have proper knowledge about forex. A reliable broker, strong knowledge, proper guidance can easily make you earn money. I trade with TP Global FX. They are a very reliable broker. They never make disappointment to their client. They really help a lot especially when someone is a new trader.

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