How Can I Earn Daily From Mcx?

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by neerupama vermani, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. neerupama vermani

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    Jul 2018
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    can anybody tell how can i earn daily from MCX
  2. Parag Sharma

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    Nov 2018
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    Margin requirement of commodity market is lower, hence you can take bigger positions than in stocks with commodities. But as with any increased return on less capital, it comes at a cost on capital, which is increased risk

    Selection of commodities with capital limitation
    • With capital of Rs. 50,000 three commodities that can be selected for overnight positions with price movement
    • List of Screened Commodities with volatility
      • Crude Oil
        • one point movement is Rs.100 in one lot
        • Avg regular hi-low volatility 10k in one lot
      • Natural Gas
        • one point movement is Rs.125 in one lot
        • Avg regular hi-low volatility 6.25k in one lot
      • Nickel
        • One point movement is Rs.25 in one lot
        • Avg regular hi-low volatility 5k in two lot

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    May 2020
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