How many jobs are about qualifications or who you know?

Discussion in 'The Cocktail Lounge' started by Alex, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Most job should be based off of qualifications. You either have them or you don't. These qualifications should be showcased on your resume. Then when you interview it gives you a chance to convey your skills to the employer. The "who you know" part never hurts. In some jobs you'll automatically get a leg up on someone they're unfamiliar with. That is if you have a good image in their eyes. Nepotism always is a big factor when it comes to a family member applying for a job with a company.
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    I think landing a job depends on both your qualifications and who you know. It really depends on the situation. If you live in a small town, often times it's who you know, as if you can form a personal connection with someone your chances of landing a job are increased. In bigger cities, the talent pool is much larger so having connections may not always pan out as they have more incentive to go with simply the highest qualified candidate.
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    I agree it should be that way, but based on my own experience it's far from the truth. Connections are what gets you the jobs, or at least the job interviews. It's the same for most types of jobs, whether it's low paid or high paid... it's always a lot easier when someone can recommend you or even ask around for you.

    My last job... I was thinking of applying to the company but was unsure of a couple of things that looked a bit dodgy. So I emailed them through the website and since it's a relatively small company the owner happened to be the one answering the emails. We started talking about this whole thing, and I said I asked these things because I was thinking of applying. And boom, in the end I didn't really even have to apply because he offered me a job during the conversation.
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    i know its off-topic, but why do threads with bronze icons get WAY more views/replies than gray ones? thanks

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