How The Stock Market Will Be Impacted By 2019 Interim Budget?

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by deepika sharma, Jan 24, 2019.

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    As the interim budget 2019 is round the corner, the people are still curious whether it will have any impact on the stock market or not. Well, if you see the historical trends, then it is quite surprising to note that the stock market has gone down 8 out of the 10 before the budget month. Moreover, any major announcement by the finance minister with regard to the increasing the interest rates can plunge the market. Similarly, if there is any decrease in the GST rates, then the market may go up.

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    Historically we know that markets dislike confusion and uncertainty. Therefore weakness before the announcement of budgets seems to fit this pattern. Politicians on all sides have their own agendas so paint the bleakest picture then surprise on the upside. Then everyone is a winner - arent they?

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