How To Enable Trust & Simplify Sebi Compliance Requirements With Regtech?

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    Are you a Capital Market Person? Having queries related to Compliance with Regtech? Here is your Free Webinar.

    Free Webinar: Enabling Investor Trust & Simplifying SEBI Compliance Requirements with RegTech

    This webinar will be presented by a pool of regulatory & compliance enthusiasts, who will cover the essential strategies for improving the trade transparency and operational efficiency of SEBI-related regulatory management.

    What to expect from this webinar:

    • How RegTech is simplifying regulatory compliance
    • Things to do for sustaining the regulatory challenges
    • Emerging Technologies to adapt for SEBI Regulatory compliance
    • Growing beyond the Indian regulatory disruption
    • RegTech Bench-Marking in Trading
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    https:// regtech- webinar/

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