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    the stock has made some MASSIVE volume moves infront of a drug release oral Amp (a commonly used drug). Someone has ben bulking up at the midnight hr near the close during the month. I think theres some one who got tipped off...

    watch this stock...and enter with small positions...
    i think we double

    and jump to .15

    from bottom of .055 and .05 (triple bager here)

    im looking to add 1.5K (nothing crazy)-- to get a huge pop. Ive also raised this stock to some floor traders i know.

    35K today at the close..with a drug comming out...and cash thats at .07

    and stock trading at: .055...how can u not gamble here?

    the pipeline is also loaded with drugs from other companies, which might also be a takeover candidate as the stock is so low.
    Im looking to add 500$ every couple of days to 1.5K

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