If This Level Breaks, 10 Year Yields Spike To 3.50%, Then 4.05%

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    10 year bond yields are hammering on the 3.10% level. This was the pivot high from 2013 and current resistance. However, should the 10 year yield break over 3.10%, there is no resistance until 3.50%, then 4.05%. While to average investors it may mean little, to smart traders this is huge. The stock market could literally lose 25% of its value if rates spike to 4.05% as big money runs for yields versus the risk of stocks. In addition, U.S. debt payments will spike, likely causing an S&P warning and possible default. The Federal Reserve has put us in a corner where easy/cheap money is the only way to survive. This is a major catastrophe waiting to happen. In my opinion it is not IF rates jump to 3.50 and 4.05%, it is when?...


    Gareth Soloway

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