International Laws and Domestic Civil Wars

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    Why are international laws difficult to establishin domestic civil wars? I understand there are legislations inplace to prohibit intervention in domestic affairs within a certain country. Itmakes sense for each country to handle their country's issues, but in the caseof a civil war, I feel there needs to be some sort of intervention to preventthe potential spillover into neighboring countries. These issues are verycomplicated and not as easy to resolve. We witness this now with insurgency inparts of Iraq, Syria, Russia or Nigeria. What are your thoughts.

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    Not to worry, there are international laws, polices or norms that govern civil wars in other states, do you think that the world will sit back and watch other citizens of other countries human rights trampled upon? If I have no respect for the US, the single thing that I respect the State for is that they pull the plug on slackness in other countries, Under UN conventions, yes all States have the right over their own affairs, but that right ought not to impinge on the human rights of citizens...and there is a convention for that, I forgot what it's called, but it's nevertheless there, and I mean, If we want to go as far as saying, States don't have to follow certain conventions because they have the right of sovereignty, I can tell you this much, if the breach of a certain convention is outrage enough to spark a worldwide backlash, the country causing the breach better reconsider. Secondly, there are certain non-violent and violent actions that States can take against an offending State, note well, If the convention breached is of utmost important and necessary to the order of good living, because yes a State can opt out of a little convention on Climate Change and nothing comes from it, but there are certain conventions that you cannot opt from.

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