Investing Like The Experts?

Discussion in 'Buying & Selling Real Estate' started by Rainman, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Can this work well for Real Estate? Learn how those who got be successful in the real estate business did their stuff, invest exactly the same way they did and hope for the best? But the Real estate "landscape" is always changing. What worked in yesterday may not work today. So what should someone new to real estate do? Attempt the trial and error thing find out what works for them? Would this even be a viable option considering the amount of money that is invested in real estate?
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    May 2015
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    I don't think Trial and Error method is good for real estate because you are dealing with an item that has a big value. Over here, real estate is almost always stable so brokers don't experience much difficulty in their transactions. What really works for those real estate brokers are methods that were proven already which they can learn in seminars given by real estate agencies and companies. However, there are different standards for residential against condo and a big difference in commercial and industrial properties.

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