Is It Time For Investment In Entertainment Companies?

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    We expect very slowly recovery of the tourism industry. The people will not restart travel like before. They will spend many months or even years to cover the losses during the quarantine. Also they will try to make a buffer for eventually new bad days.
    Loans, losses recovery and making a buffer will take a lot of time. We predict recovery at about 55-65% of the levels before the pandemic in the middle of 2021.
    The unemployment will remain too high especially in United States so the entertainment and tourism industry will remain in very slow growth from the zero in many years.
    The investments in new entertainment industry like hotels, restaurants, cinemas, tourist products stay with not chance for gains.
    The investments in companies in these sectors is remain very risky because the bottom is far away may be in 2021. Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, tour operators, cruise ships are going to close although the lift of some restrictions. Some of the companies may open again but the incomes will not cover the spending and is on the way to start second wave of bankruptcy. strategy is to avoid investments in these sectors at least till the end of 2020.

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