Is It Time For Sanction? Sanction Against United States?

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    Is it time for sanction? Sanction against United States?
    The project North Stream 2 is one of the biggest projects in Europe. The project that is a few steps to complete is stopped currently. Germany and Russia plan to restart the project with put of the pipeline in the last kilometers in the Baltic Sea.
    United States already introduction of sanctions against companies build the pipeline. The sanctions extended to the insurance and banks companies.
    Europe is on the way now. Do they have the courage to introduce sanction against the United States?
    If they do that step we can see a new way of war between the allies that will reflect over the forex trading and mainly EURUSD.
    In a first view the dollar may lose ground but later the investors prefer the dollar as a major security investment. The dollar may drop to 1.1450 and later on may follow recovery to 1.09-1.10. But as overall expects the both unions United States and European Union are going to lose and other countries and currencies may win like Swiss Franc and British Pound.
    Nevertheless all sanctions and events North Stream 2 will be built. It is possible new delay but the pipeline will start function and United States CNG will not replace the Russian pipeline gas.

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