Is the FOREX market more computer-controlled than other ones?

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    While I may talk to computer-controlled buys and wallets later, I am will rather here focus on FOREX and the difference between other markets in that domains. Sometimes, markets over reacts and acts in a "disconnected-to-the-logic" way, where they simply speculate too much on something that could happen but wouldn't reasonably happen. Now, some companies let control more wallets because algorithms sometimes yields better results than humans.

    The thing is, that, algorithms can easily act in a "disconnected-to-the-logic" way, and this, longer than any human could do, as long as the algorithm' logic is seeing a green light to acting that away. This is one of the problem that might happen. After reading few news about economy this morning, I wonder this: is this more happening in FOREX, because of the nature of the market being more "numbers-based"? Is FOREX more computer controlled than others markets, or this is just a feeling?
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    Yes. You can only do something here with a mobile device and a computer. When you do stock trading, you must go to your local brokerage, but in forex, it's optional. To do forex, people can use FreshForex, which is digital and has all the latest features.
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    Forex is computer-controlled and that’s why people around the world can participate in trading. Several brokers allow traders with trading software on which traders can place trades. Eurotrader offers a reliable trading platform free of all technical errors.
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