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    Nobody in their right mind would pay more than 2.60/share right now.... Nobody. Company set price and it seems to be fair. Product is good but sales thus far have not justified recent price increase. Ready analysts review now...price WAAAYYYYY over priced as sales have not provided foundation to anything other than 1 year estimate of 1.50. Period.

    I know...all you folks who paid over 3.00 will be thumbs down, blah blah blah. Folks who paid over 3.00 have been here all day asking why. Why? I'll tell you. Because Babcock and the team at ISR is smart. They posted good news literally right after good SA article. Brilliant! And many of you came here knowing nothing other than that and bought like crazy. What goes up must come down. Not saying ISR product is anything other than good product but price was way overhyped. News wasn't groundbreaking. Yeah, kid was treated with Cesium 131. Big deal. Many have been treated with same product. How do you think ISR got FDA approval? By treating patients successfully. Only difference here was patient was a child. Good news yes. Groundbreaking...no.

    The price will drop possibly below 2.00 early this week with slight increases after that. Might even reach high of 2.65-2.75 but no reason to be higher. None. Not until more good news or higher earnings report comes out. I would say fair price to buy would be anywhere from 2.00-2.50. Anything higher right now is a pump. For those who bought high and are thinking of getting out...don't. If you came here to get rich in a day, you were a fool to buy above 3.00. If you came here to profit over time, don't sweat it. Hold and watch what happens over the next 12 months. Price will eventually be in the 4-5.00 range but, like a nice wine, good things take time. Go long and reap the rewards and don't panic at the drop next week. If you do and dump, price will be driven even lower. Give it 6 months and thank me later. Good luck. JMO

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