It's Never Too Late

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    Even three decades earlier is too old for her :). Anyway it is a great story and a booster for people like me. I haven't finished my studies yet and I am 28 now. I really want to do it but I have no money or time for it. It is amazing and so cool. She is lucky to be sane and reasonable in that age. Genetics and taking care of herself did a great deal for this wonderful lady. I am in that funny place where I have no idea what to do but this really gives me courage. Not only this but also numerous cases where people did things no body believed possible.
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    Oh man, this really wants to make me achieve my dreams. It's never too late huh? I hope I can finish writing my book and have it published before I'm 90.
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    ​I love reading stories like this. It is never too late to be who you want to be or achieve your dreams. Last week, there was a news story about a grandmother finishing elementary school this school year. She was not able to go to school when she was younger and would want to finish her schooling until college. Her offsprings were against her decision but she still went with it because that's what she wants.

    Her children told her that she was with snotty kids. And she told them, "Don't mind the snotty kids, they're the ones who are going to teach me about a lot of things." Isn't that cute? I just wish that her family was as supportive with her as other people are.
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