JP Morgan says sell equities on any bounce

Discussion in 'Stock Market Forum' started by baudwalk, Jan 11, 2016.

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    For the first time in 7 years, JP Morgan advises investors to seli equities on any bounce. Wow, I find that advice to be a bit extreme. Markets tend to overshoot in making highs and lows. Value investors will eventually return when perceived value is seen. If one is a value investor, reinvesting dividends from large cap blue chip holdings, I view these dips as opportunities to buy more shares than normally would be expected. In my opinion, $VZ and $T are examples of my thinking. The China contagion and the oil price collapse aggregated by the OPEC dispute between Saudi Arabia and Iran aren't helping markets. The article is interesting -- read the linked articles too -- but make up your own mind on what to do with your investments.
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    Some stock market "gurus" believe we are entering a bear market so this would be a good short term investment strategy. There's also the fact that market still is very volatile. One could make some profits selling any time there is a "bounce."
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    Oh boy, JPM saying that is like how they upgrade at the highs, and downgrade at the lows... they always have a motive, and it almost never helps the little trader... unless you know their slick game. Look at all the downgrades CHK got recently, that made me want to buy it! Look at it today, its all a game, just play it! ;) #venting loll

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